SJCA Style & Culture

New Episodes

Every Wednesday @ 8:30 am

Conducting interviews sporadically with some new and old friends– sharing their experiences pursuing art and their ties with the City of San José, CA.

The project is experimental in its approach to bring to you relevant content about the occurring art scene here in the City of San José California. However, let’s make one thing clear– this project is for the sake of creating a more inclusive and aware community of artists and residents.

Change is upon us in the form of new skyrises and a high cost of living. I want to inform our new incoming residents of the true culture of SJCA. Inclusiveness and sharing are at the heart of this venture. We are misfits, nerds, geeks, hip kids, chefs, entrepreneurs, husbands and wives, partners, and artists that wish to see this city lead the way in innovation when it comes to spreading and maintaining our style and culture in the Silicon Valley.