“Where do I begin– I’m still figuring out design. Yet, as a design student it just so happens that I make more than concept models, mock-ups, and sketches.. I also make songs about my own life– or GoldGauges is my other half. Don’t think too much about it, it’s just my platform for everything else.”

GoldGauges is just one of his personas as an active west coast artist and sonic visionary. He calls San Jose, CA his hometown and is a native to that part of the South bay.

Composing music that evokes a sense of reminiscence of the Bay Area’s respective 2006 Hyphy Era has enable him to take part in what is now the new wave of bay area music. Alongside local produces, he seeks to create a new interpretation of what it means to grow up in the shadows of the Silicon Valley’s tech elite. A hard struggle to determine if he should stay or move away from a city where “nothing ever really happens” and synonymous with the suburb, he shares his motives to what really drove him to abandon everything in LA and return with high hopes to his roots in the City of San José. What we find in these few compilations is a genuine drive from a 24 year old male making use of his technology, design, and knowledge of trends and pleasing aesthetics to create new contemporary music.

Here is his whole discography.

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