Final Thoughts

Thank you to all our viewers, followers, artists, and community partners that made it possible to create this project. It definitely was a learning experience, Bryan and I enjoyed meeting and collaborating with everyone on these videos– they were very experimental, to say the least, but the results were more than we expected. It gave us insight into what truly makes the City of San José so special a strong sense of community, advocacy, and interest in spotlighting the tremendous pool of talent here in the Bay Area. We Are working to create a much more vibrant and engaging channel as well as arranging and scheduling a much more robust list of special guest.

This is not a goodbye, but rather an invitation to save the date and to continue supporting your local art communities. We were overwhelmed with support and ideas for potential guest for our show, invited out to several events to attend and countless collaborations to take part in.

In the end, our personal goals to complete and continue in obtaining our college degrees took the front seat. We had to dial in a much more manageable work schedule for our videos. However, we are committed to creating great content and presenting to you the rising leaders, artist, designers, models, advocates, and performers of 2017. We hope to see you once again every Tuesday at 10:30 AM August 16 at SJCA Style & Culture.


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Nicholas Jimenez.
“Stay tuned for August’s premiere of the next season of interviews and special guest.”

Sarah Arnett: Collaborating, Modeling and Creating Visual Art

A young and very outspoken fashion student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, Sarah Arnett, shares with us her experience when it comes to collaborating, modeling, and creating visual art in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s really not about the amount of followers or likes that one get on their social media site posts that attracts her talent or informs a collaborations, but rather the work itself and how well it is executed.

Then again, if you are interested in starting your career in photography, modeling or taking that next step in creating visual art, take Sarah’s advice “make it happen,” get out there and experiment, network and build yourself up, be reliable and relentless.

Matt Marchand: Working within a Design

When do you need to be mindful of design, people, and the organization? Matt Marchand, a current student from San José State University studying Industrial Design, offers his point of view on these topics and accomplishments in the field.

Looking through his Design Portfolio it is no surprise I wanted to interview the most sought after Industrial Design in the San Francisco Bay Area. The attention to detail in craftsmanship, process, and documentation can be found throughout his portfolio. Just about every aspect of his visual aesthetic (composition, color, typeface, and layout) enhance the physical object or project being design.

“I want to create objects that serve a greater purpose and bring benefit to those that use it.”

Design can at times seem a bit simple, you make something pretty, or nice– but is it really? According Matt, design shouldn’t just be a secondary thought or this idealistic approach to what a product could be. It should be realist, take into consideration manufacturing and most importantly the user.

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Nicholas Jimenez – Industrial Design (B-Roll)

I am in the process of working on getting my degree in Industrial Design from San José State University. It has been quite the process and the adventure in and of itself. Instead of just telling you what I  do besides photography and filming I thought I would let you into my personal life.

Going to college has brought me many opportunities and I am a strong advocate of attending, however. It is really up to you, it isn’t for everyone as I’ve seen, but it sure let’s you collaborate and meet many people of similar interests.

I really enjoy what I do as you can tell.

Damian Kelly: Design – Process and Thinking

Design can be found in many thing from the cell phone you use, to car we drive any almost everything we interact with on daily basis. Then again, if you didn’t go to school are you at a disadvantage in using or obtaining the benefits of its use in your daily work? No, of course not.

We sat down with our great friend Damian Kelly and Industrial Designer and the Exhibition Designer and Engagement Associate at MACLA/ Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana. Damian shares what it’s really about. From being a self-taught photographer using below par equipment to keeping a strong network of friends he’s adamant that you can get work out there.

With the added fact that he attending San José State University and received a BS in Industrial Design, he not only was able to work at companies like Elemental 8, he’s seen first hand what this city could have offered him in the long run.

Evan Brasco: Developing & Branding Your Content

A current student at San José City College and working towards pursuing his music career, Evan Brasco, is an emerging artist from the City of San José, CA. s no kept secret that when He is spreading his music all across the South Bay, here is some advice on how he’s been able to continue to do so.from

“The most important thing is aesthetics. Aesthetics [are] everything.”

As Brasco puts it, you can be yourself and not have to submit to much or any unpleasant direction, the only thing is you have to commit to doing so and stand by your opinion. Which is to say if you’re optimistic about your aesthetic, it is appealing to a specific crowd, and you find collaborators that can elevate your brand then you should.

“You got to network. Eventually, you might have to call in a favor.”

Moving on, the actual distribution of your product may seem like quite the challenge, but rest assure– it is, just not that impossible. From the looks of it there’s payed services and then there’s low-tech ways.

A take away from all of this is simple give freely of what has been your experience. Share your genuine work in as best light and make sure to display yourself in your best appearance.

“That shit matters.”

@Pinchetiajuana: Creating and Collaborating

Today we have Bryan “@Pinchetiajuana” G. Arroyo sharing what it has been like since he ventured into to the real world of photography.

A local to the City of San José, CA, a recent graduate of Henry T. Gunderson High School, and current student at San José City College he is well on his way on developing his skills when it comes to planning, shooting, editing, and promoting his photography.

“I’ve always known I wanted to get in the art scene, I just never thought it would be this fast.”

He is an example of what technology in schools can do for creativity in youth. Below are a few of photos from his instagram. Never confining his artistic expression to a single medium– he is developing new works in music production and video production.

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Talent speaks for itself

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Light Painting

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VINO: Creating and Developing Music

Welcome to the SJCA Style and Culture! This is my first season episode for the 2017 year.

Today we will be discussing where music has lead one bay area producer and tastemaker. Currently residing in Santa Monica, CA, Silvino “VINO” Jimenez shares what it has been like creating music during the last decade. VINO has been featured in numerous outlets including BBC Radio 1Xtra – Diplo and Friends!

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