Seldom Industries

Seldom Industries was founded on the principle that “where we live is a reflection of where we want to go in life”. After we began uploading YouTube videos, blogs posts, and Instagram pictures our Seldom project took a life of its own. That being said, why do we exist? We simply want to share new music, art, and visual content that exemplifies the qualities and characteristics that we have experienced throughout our upbringing here in San Jose, California. We are a considerably small team. Yet, it is our hope we can inspire the incoming generations that creative content and events are formed from ideas and concepts, not upfront fees.


Yes, they are my initials. Moreover, it is a mark that I put on garments, backpacks, sketchbooks, and other private objects. It is a way to invoke the beginnings of a commercial brand. Although, it could easily be printed and pressed on wholesale garments, I prefer not to.

I would love to further develop the back end–what it would mean to own something with it– what causes it would support and the use of the funds generated from the sale and merchandising of it as well as make a clear indication of who would benefit from it. Stay tuned for ideation and process.


What started as a project to create a new typeface-identity for the City of San José turned into a bit more as the years went by. Looking back to 2013, my graphic design background landed me a nice internship with a reputable fashion icon and gave me the motivation to take on more personal projects. When I set out to design a “logo” I drew inspiration from an old english font. It didn’t resonated with me right away better yet I hated it. It took months of iterations to get to what I now call– ‘Merely Starting Points’. The logo remained stagnant for months posted on my personal instagram and tumblr with little attention, then came an opportunity. – 2016 Screenprint Showdown Contest (Winner)

For the 1st Annual San Jose Screen Print Showdown, I selected this piece as my entry. Not knowing what would be the outcome I was happy to say the least. The piece was my reflection of the different typographical signs we see in and around the city. Then it happened, I was one of the finalist.

The came the moment and curiosity of what else I could do with the logo, it gained recognition and brought a bit of attention to it. By this time it was 2016 and Snapchat seemed to be an opportunity to get more use of it. I submitted it with a little hope of it making it as a permanent Geofilter for the city, again I surprised to say the least.  This logo is currently in circulation as a Snapchat Geofilter and available in most of the City of San José, CA.

What’s next? I’ve had strong thoughts of creating apparel or garments using this design or maybe a limited skate deck. Perhaps it will serve as a platform to collaborate with other associations, co-op’s, or businesses.

This is now a copyrighted logo.