What started as a project to create a new typeface-identity for the City of San José turned into a bit more as the years went by. Looking back to 2013, my graphic design background landed me a nice internship with a reputable fashion icon and gave me the motivation to take on more personal projects. When I set out to design a “logo” I drew inspiration from an old english font. It didn’t resonated with me right away better yet I hated it. It took months of iterations to get to what I now call– ‘Merely Starting Points’. The logo remained stagnant for months posted on my personal instagram and tumblr with little attention, then came an opportunity. – 2016 Screenprint Showdown Contest (Winner)

For the 1st Annual San Jose Screen Print Showdown, I selected this piece as my entry. Not knowing what would be the outcome I was happy to say the least. The piece was my reflection of the different typographical signs we see in and around the city. Then it happened, I was one of the finalist.

The came the moment and curiosity of what else I could do with the logo, it gained recognition and brought a bit of attention to it. By this time it was 2016 and Snapchat seemed to be an opportunity to get more use of it. I submitted it with a little hope of it making it as a permanent Geofilter for the city, again I surprised to say the least.  This logo is currently in circulation as a Snapchat Geofilter and available in most of the City of San José, CA.

What’s next? I’ve had strong thoughts of creating apparel or garments using this design or maybe a limited skate deck. Perhaps it will serve as a platform to collaborate with other associations, co-op’s, or businesses.

This is now a copyrighted logo.

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