Thank you to all our viewers, followers, artists, and community partners that made it possible to create this project. It definitely was a learning experience, Bryan and I enjoyed meeting and collaborating with everyone on these videos– they were very experimental, to say the least, but the results were more than we expected. It gave us insight into what truly makes the City of San José so special a strong sense of community, advocacy, and interest in spotlighting the tremendous pool of talent here in the Bay Area. We Are working to create a much more vibrant and engaging channel as well as arranging and scheduling a much more robust list of special guest.

This is not a goodbye, but rather an invitation to save the date and to continue supporting your local art communities. We were overwhelmed with support and ideas for potential guest for our show, invited out to several events to attend and countless collaborations to take part in.

In the end, our personal goals to complete and continue in obtaining our college degrees took the front seat. We had to dial in a much more manageable work schedule for our videos. However, we are committed to creating great content and presenting to you the rising leaders, artist, designers, models, advocates, and performers of 2017. We hope to see you once again every Tuesday at 10:30 AM August 16 at SJCA Style & Culture.


Kind regards,


Nicholas Jimenez.
“Stay tuned for August’s premiere of the next season of interviews and special guest.”

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