When do you need to be mindful of design, people, and the organization? Matt Marchand, a current student from San José State University studying Industrial Design, offers his point of view on these topics and accomplishments in the field.

Looking through his Design Portfolio it is no surprise I wanted to interview the most sought after Industrial Design in the San Francisco Bay Area. The attention to detail in craftsmanship, process, and documentation can be found throughout his portfolio. Just about every aspect of his visual aesthetic (composition, color, typeface, and layout) enhance the physical object or project being design.

“I want to create objects that serve a greater purpose and bring benefit to those that use it.”

Design can at times seem a bit simple, you make something pretty, or nice– but is it really? According Matt, design shouldn’t just be a secondary thought or this idealistic approach to what a product could be. It should be realist, take into consideration manufacturing and most importantly the user.

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