A current student at San José City College and working towards pursuing his music career, Evan Brasco, is an emerging artist from the City of San José, CA. s no kept secret that when He is spreading his music all across the South Bay, here is some advice on how he’s been able to continue to do so.from

“The most important thing is aesthetics. Aesthetics [are] everything.”

As Brasco puts it, you can be yourself and not have to submit to much or any unpleasant direction, the only thing is you have to commit to doing so and stand by your opinion. Which is to say if you’re optimistic about your aesthetic, it is appealing to a specific crowd, and you find collaborators that can elevate your brand then you should.

“You got to network. Eventually, you might have to call in a favor.”

Moving on, the actual distribution of your product may seem like quite the challenge, but rest assure– it is, just not that impossible. From the looks of it there’s payed services and then there’s low-tech ways.

A take away from all of this is simple give freely of what has been your experience. Share your genuine work in as best light and make sure to display yourself in your best appearance.

“That shit matters.”

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